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BIRDS OF MEXICO  by Jill Deppe and Antonio Celis

We have created this webpage to share with others our research in Mexico as well as to provide information on our study sites, publications, bird song and nature recordings, etc., and hope this webpage stimulates interest for working on birds or other wildlife in Mexico. This page is constantly evolving, so as new information becomes available and we embark on new avenues of research, we will keep you posted, so check back with us periodically.

Our research focuses on the following areas:
  • Understanding bird species' habitat associations, the proximate factors and mechanisms shaping those associations and community structure, as well as the consequences of habitat occupancy on individual fitness and population regulation

  • Spatio-temporal responses of birds to natural and anthropogenic disturbances

  • Development and evaluation of bioacoustic techologies for monitoring bird populations and communities

  • Recording bird vocalizations to develop tools (e.g. bird song CDs) to facilitate species identification in Mexico

  • Development of an acoustic archive (SONAT) for use in scientific studies, including soundscapes (natural and non-natural) from Mexico

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